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Known //Alive High School Girls
Come and enjoy a safe place for you to grow in faith, identity, and in friendship with others. We'll be using a curriculum called "Wonderlife" by Mike Foster. Cost is $25 purchased by cutting and pasting this link in your browser. Leader: Rachel Arneson This group meets bi-weekly on Mondays, except for Feb 20, which is a Tuesday.
Everett, WA 98208
M every 2 weeks
6:00 PM / 8:00 PM
Students // Alive High School Girls-Faith and Fitness // Everett
This group is designed for high school girls that want to learn how to take care of themselves physically and spiritually. It is possible to achieve your goals and possible to bring God glory in every area of life. We will meet every Saturday at 9 AM in the Student Center to exercise, grow in faith and in community. Leader: Charley Laas
On-Campus (New Life Church)
Sa every week
9:00 AM / 10:00 AM